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Triplex Gabbert Rothe
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Precicion Engineering - Airbrush Equipment
Our work includes the manufacturing of different kinds of spray guns with coupled douple function, diverse accessories, spare parts for other airbrush products and also precicion engineered spare parts as well as complete units according to your specifications and designs.
The following technologies are available: CNC-Turning, CNC-Milling(4 Axis), Surface-, Cylindrical and Glide Grinding, Drilling, Sheet-Metal Forming, Engraving, Electroloytic- and Laserlabeling.
We will check your documentation on demand, furthermore we offer the development and manufacturing of products, designed to fit your needs. Aluminum, brass, copper, synthetics and stainless steel are mainly used.
Rothe Feinmechanik - Airbrushtechnik is a crafts enterprise and the successor to Gabbert Feinmechanik since 2003 following 13 years of cooperation.

2009 Neubau einer Produktionshalle in der Kunzestraße und Umzug in die neuen Räumlichkeiten ...

In 2003, Tobias Rothe, whois a certified precicion engineer master craftsman, founded Rothe Feinmechnaik– Airbrushtechnik and took over production from Gabbert Feinmechanik. Gabbert Airbrushservice is still working in the field of spray gun services.

In 1999, the ... was introduced on the market.


In 1998 we have developed the system.

In 1992 our production was gradually converted to CNC production engineering. This change facilitated new production modes and enabled us to produce different turning and milling workpieces swiftly and competitive.

In 1983,Gabbert Airbrushtechnik became successor to Prinz-Feinmechanik. After the take over, the product line was revised completely. In colloboration with designers, retouchers and artists, quality enhancements are realized constantly.

Prinz-Feinmechanik have been working in Leipzig in the field of paint spray technology for retouching and graphics since 1946.